I Want to do a Background Check on Myself or Someone Else

Would you like to know what a prospective employer might see when ordering a background search on you?

Need to verify your dates of employment at your previous jobs? Want help making your resume more accurate?

We can help! We offer several options to help fill in those missing dates and ensure your resume is accurate. We can also provide you with a comprehensive criminal search to attach to your resume when submitting it for a job.

Professional Screening Services, Inc offers a variety of packages for the purpose of improving your resume to help you get noticed by potential employers.

Sample Screening Service Packages:

Resume Review for Accuracy

  • Employment Verifications that verify dates of employment and job titles
  • Education Verification that verifies dates of attendance, graduation date, and degree awarded

Background Check for a job application

  • Comprehensive Criminal Background Check or National Criminal Search
  • Social Security Number Verification
  • Reference code is provided for the potential employer to obtain a copy directly from Professional Screening at no charge to the employer.