Employment Credit Check

Employment Credit reports can be a valuable tool for evaluating applicants who may occupy a position where business needs dictate a history of financial responsibility. These positions typically include those that will handle money, account numbers, or very personal information of others.

An Employment Credit Report differs from a traditional credit report in that it is tailored for use in an employment situation. For the protection of the applicant, it does not include account numbers, nor does the “pull” count against the applicant’s credit score.

The Employment Credit Report gives you an account of a potential candidate’s financial background. This information can help you identify those applicants who are potentially financially overextended or on the brink of problems that could adversely affect their performance on the job. It could signal a pattern of instability, as well as an inability to meet obligations.

  • Provides credit information on the individual from a national credit agency.
  • Report is specifically designed for employment screening purposes.
  • Account numbers are omitted for security purposes.