Reference Checks

Professional Screening Services offers two types of reference checks.

  • Personal Reference Checks
  • Professional Reference Checks

Personal Reference Checks
Landlords, property managers, and condo association managers typically order this type of reference check. The applicant provides the reference contact information and one of our trained staff members calls the reference and asks a series of questions. Personal Reference questions are tailored to help verify information provided on a rental application and include questions regarding the applicant’s current residential location, prior addresses, and the references recommendation of the applicant as a neighbor.

Professional Reference Checks
A potential employer typically orders this type of reference check. The questions are tailored to determine a person’s strengths and weaknesses on the job. Professional References are a good way for an employer to get questions regarding the work performance of an applicant answered that normally would not be answered by a Human Resources or Personnel office.

For both types of references, we offer a standard set of questions or the question set can be tailored for your specific needs.