Statewide Criminal Database Search

Criminal Background Checks on a County, Statewide, or National level for:
Tenant Screening, Employment Screening, Personal Screening

Criminal Database Reports can be a economical option for companies looking to do a basic criminal background check. These reports tend to be less expensive then Comprehensive reports and have faster turn-around times. In most cases, Criminal Database reports include a minimum of Felony Convictions going back at least 7 years. Many states provide more information, such as non-conviction information and misdemeanor cases. The information contained in the report depends on the state being ordered.

Criminal Database reports are obtained through private companies, not state agencies. Although the information, for the most part, comes from the same place, database reports are complied by non-government workers and the updating of the database varies by county, agency, and company.

Please see our Criminal Report Differences page for more information.