Tenant Rental History Check

Also known as a Residential Verification, or Landlord Verification, a Tenant Rental History Check provides a potential landlord with a verification of a person’s prior rental histoy with his or her previous landlords.

Our staff will personally contact the prior landlord to verify the following information:

  1. Dates of residency
  2. Rental payment amount
  3. Payment rating
  4. Condition of the property at move-out
  5. Complaints
  6. Evicted or skipped
  7. Would they re-rent to this person again

This information can provide you with the peace of mind that the potential tenant has a history of being a responsible tenant and reduce the risk of renting to someone who has problems in the past.

For landlords, tenant screening is a virtual necessity. It is important to know before entering into a lease if the tenant has the financial resources to pay the rent and has a background consistent withTenant Rental History Check being a responsible tenant. We develop a comprehensive, innovative security program that enables effective background check & screening of a tenant using the social security number search. We can verify the persons Social Security Number (SSN) as well as search the counties and prior residences where their SSN has been used. For singles entering the dating world, it could be important to know about the past of the person you have met before beginning a personal relationship with him or her. Tenant Background screening serves as a valuable tool to ensure that you make informed dating decisions. We can create a unique package that will not only fit your budget, but provide you with a comprehensive background history of your prospective tenant and/or roommate.