Employment Verifications

The Employment Section of an application is, by far, the most common area where applicant’s “fudge” dates, “inflate” positions, and “fluff” job duties. This occurs because of one major reason – They think you won’t check! A simple Employment Verification will provide the piece of mind that your applicant is truthful and verify that they have the skills and experience they claim to have.

Employment Verifications are done by contacting the employer directly (when possible*) to obtain the following:

  1. Dates of Employment
  2. Job Title / Position
  3. Full / Part Time Status
  4. Salary
  5. Reason for Leaving

It is important to note that Employment Verifications are different from Employment Reference Checks. Employment Verifications are typically done directly through a Human Resources or Personnel office to obtain the most accurate information. A Reference Check is typically done with a supervisor who can provide more detailed information as to job duties and performance. See Reference Checks for more information on these kinds of reports.

* More and more employers are outsourcing employment verifications to an outside company that charge an additional fee and has an automated process. These companies compile information into a searchable electronic database. The fee these companies charge vary and is required before the information will be released.