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Professional Screening Services

Reliable and comprehensive tenant screening services for landlords and property managers

Employment Candidates

Professional Screening Services

Employment screening solutions that help you mitigate risk and hire with confidence.

Employment Screening

Professional Screening Services

We are dedicated to providing fast, accurate and economical information through excellent customer service.

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Fast, Accurate, Economical

We are dedicated to providing fast, accurate and economical information through excellent customer service. With our specially designed secure website, our clients have the opportunity to order and retrieve reports 24 hours a day.


Transportation Screening Services


Screening services to help transportation companies find reliable and trustworthy employees. We can screen for a motor vehicle report and drug/alcohol testing to assure you put safe drivers behind the wheel.

Retail Screening Service


The retail industry faces unique challenges to hire and retain good employees. Our screening services can deliver a better picture of the candidate by screening for drugs/alcohol and previous employment reference checks.

Education Industry


Professional Screening can provide comprehensive background checks on faculty, staff and others who work on campus. Enabling you to provide a secure setting for your workforce and student population.

Trusted Expertise

Employment screening can help you avoid costly hiring mistakes. Individual or Packaged Services.

Proven Process

Fast and affordable tenant screening services with no membership fees and excellent customer service.

Reliable Results

We can provide you with a report on yourself or someone you want to let in your home.


Our Screening Services

Our nationwide access to millions of public records
enables our clients to gain vital information necessary to select the appropriate applicant.

Sexual Offender Search

A Sexual Offender Search, is a search of the statewide or national sex offender registry. Any person currently registered as a sex offender or sexual predator will be found in this database. These reports are available on a statewide or national level.

Social Security Search

Social Security Search

Social Security Search information is accessed in order to determine whether your application is the valid user of the Social Security Number, uncover previous names or aliases and previous locations associated with the SSN.

Education Verification

Education Verification

Confirm the candidate's schooling. Without education verification, there is no way to know if that candidate actually has the schooling they claim. We can verify education at the collegiate level, high school and GED equivalency exams.

employment verification

Employment Verification

Applicants often embellish their previous work experience in order to secure a new job. Our team can confirm the applicants previously held position, the dates they worked there and the reason for leaving, among other information.

Rental Verifications

Our trained team will contact current and previous landlords based on a completed application in order to verify an applicant’s rental history. In addition to rental history we will inquire about the tenant as a person and neighbor.

Transportation Screening Services

Motor Vehicle Report

Motor Vehicle Reports, also known as Driving Records, provide an employer with insight as to the driving patterns of potential or current employees. We can also check if a certain license is valid or invalid.

Drug Testing

Drug Testing

Discover drug-free employees that can fill the needs of your business. We have drug-testing solutions that establish a drug-free workplace or workforce. Our team will work with you closely to ensure we comply with your company’s policies and industry guidelines.

Credit Report

Employment Credit Report

An Employment Credit Report can help you make an informed decision as to whether or not this candidate was able to conduct their personal finances in a responsible way.

Criminal Background Check

Multi-State Criminal History

This is the most “national” search available to the public. Includes felony conviction information from state repository database systems in a minimum of 40 states.

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