Industries Served

Employment screening is not a one-size-fits-all solution. Professional Screening Services protects your company, your employees, and your customers with industry specific solutions. No matter what industry you operate in or serve, we can tailor a package that fit your needs.

Accounting HR Screening Services


Employment screening services useful for accountants looking to add to their team. We can verify if an applicant possesses the required credentials/licenses (such as CPA) and verify the applicants educational history.

Education Industry


Professional Screening can provide comprehensive background checks on faculty, staff and others who work on campus. Enabling you to provide a secure setting for your workforce and student population.

healthcare employment screening services


Properly screen potential healthcare candidates with an education verification, credential/license verification and drug/alcohol testing. Ensure your healthcare staff is reliable with our customizable screening packages.

residential Property Management

Property Management

Reliable and comprehensive tenant screening services for landlords and property managers, helping you make informed decisions regarding eviction history and employment verifications in a timely manner.

Retail Screening Service


The retail industry faces unique challenges to hire and retain good employees. Our screening services can deliver a better picture of the candidate by screening for drugs/alcohol and previous employment reference checks.

Transportation Screening Services


Screening services to help transportation companies find reliable and trustworthy employees. We can screen for a motor vehicle report and drug/alcohol testing to assure you put safe drivers behind the wheel.